Bath Breakfast

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With the wedding now over, I could finally cut my hair! It needed to be something a little more drastic than my usual trim, or another type of fringe (I’d tried them all). So we headed to Bath on Saturday morning super early to see our friend Alina who owns a Salon in Bath. My […]

The Coeliac Bride


I had always wondered what it would be like to get married.  I wasn’t one of those girls who had planned her big day since she was 5 but I wanted to know who my husband would be, the age old question of “how do you know he’s the one” and of course the dress […]

Ladies Dinner Club

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The LDC all started with HTB’s ‘Gentlemans Dinner Club’ and a way for the boys to ensure they met up once a month.  Stealing this idea I thought why don’t the girls do the same, and so now the better half’s meet up every 4-6 weeks to try a new restaurant and have a good […]

Saturday Lunch - Spicer & Cole

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Not being a fan of chain cafes and having not been massively impressed with my gluten free experience previously at Spicer and Cole I was a bit reluctant to go back and had avoided it in the past.  Being starving and not wanting the usual hunt for a gf lunch, which usually resulted in the same old salad, […]

Gym Bunnies

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Having a weekend to myself and one with no plans is a rarity, so what do I do when I get one… Instantly fill it up with fitness, friends, food and shopping! Saturday morning at 07:40 I joined my friend Aleks with a free day pass to her local gym for a back-to-back work out […]

Gluten Free Tea for Two


Not wanting my mother to experience the full hen do antics (and I couldn’t quite see her in the cheerleading squad!) I decided to take her for a civilised afternoon tea just the two of us.  With both of us being coeliac and not having had the greatest of experiences with gluten free teas in […]


With all our time and energy being devoted to the wedding, now only 3 months away, myself and the Husband to be (“HTB”) decided to get away over Easter to spend some time together, that didn’t involve ‘wedmin’.  Boarding our 07:35 flight to Copenhagen I was happy to discover Easyjet had upped their Gluten Free […]